The Grimaldi Candy Co. is expanding to major retailers nationwide.

Well-established in Florida as a manufacturer of premium gourmet chocolates, the candy maker has signed a contract with one of the largest food retailers in the country and is working on additional contracts with other retailers.

Since the company's purchase in 2009 by Phil and Jamie Holtje, Grimaldi Candy Co. has seen an aggressive sales growth, turning the manufacturer from a company that supplied its own retail shops to one with national reach.

Jim Frazier, president and ceo, continues to develop strategies with business partners that will continue the company's growth into 2016 and beyond.

“We are attracting national attention with major retailers,” says Frazier.

Recently, the company has made strides toward successfully launching its new branded Grimaldi bags, which will highlight the company's famous milk and dark chocolate-covered potato chips. The company is also looking to expand the line into all of its retail channels by mid-2016.

Grimaldi Candy Co. has also reviewed a contract with a large theme park to produce a private-label chocolate under the name of a popular TV show.

Given its recent developments, the candymaker is poised to make its next step into full-scale national distribution.

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