Now earlier than ever, Ferrero is introducing its product lineup for the 2023 holidays to celebrate Valentine's Day and Easter with new and past seasonal favorites.

This Valentine's Day, new items from Ferrero are plentiful with Butterfinger Valentine's Minis, Butterfinger Mini Heart Shaped Box, Crunch Valentine's Minis, Crunch Minis Heart Shaped Box,100 Grand Heart Shaped Box and the Assorted Chocolate Minis for Valentine's Classroom Exchange from Butterfinger, Crunch, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth. For Easter, Ferrero is unveiling new seasonal offerings such as the Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg, Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs (available in Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate), Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack, Butterfinger Minis Basket Filler Pack, Butterfinger Minis Bag, and Crunch Minis Bag.

"For the past several years, people have continued turning to chocolate and candy at special moments, and we look forward to helping families and friends alike come together and create more memories with our expansive portfolio of products," said Jim Klein, chief customer officer, Ferrero USA. "We're happy to kick off the new season at Ferrero by revealing earlier than ever the new surprises and returning favorites to enjoy this season and beyond and help deliver category growth for our valued retail partners."

Valentine's Day sweets include:

  • 100 Grand Heart Shaped Box
  • Butterfinger Valentine's Minis
  • Butterfinger Mini Heart Shaped Box
  • Crunch Valentine's Minis
  • Crunch Minis Heart Shaped Box
  • Ferrero Rocher 16-Piece Heart Box
  • Ferrero Collection 10-Piece Heart Box
  • Grand Ferrero Rocher (Available in Dark & Milk Chocolate)
  • Assorted Chocolate Minis for Valentine's Classroom Exchange from Butterfinger, Crunch, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth
  • Fannie May 1LB Pixies Heart: 
  • Fannie May 2LB Chocolate Assortment Heart
  • Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack
  • Kinder & Love Mini Heart
  • Kinder Joy Plush Unicorn
  • Kinder Joy Valentine's Egg
  • Kinder Joy 6ct Valentine's Eggs
  • Mother's Puppy Love Cookies
  • Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure

Easter treats include:

  • Butterfinger Llama Themed Minis Basket Filler Pack
  • Butterfinger Minis Bag
  • Buncha Crunch Theater Box
  • Crunch Egg
  • Crunch Solid Bunny
  • Crunch Minis Bag
  • Ferrero Rocher Easter Milk Hollow Egg
  • Ferrero Rocher Golden Eggs - Available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate
  • Ferrero Rocher 13-piece Easter Bunny: 
  • Ferrero Rocher 12-piece Seasonalized Gift Box
  • Fannie May Heritage Collection 1LB Gift Box
  • Fannie May Spring Mint Meltaways 1LB Gift Box
  • Fannie May 8-piece Cream Eggs Gift Box: The 8-piece box includes two Milk Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams, two Trinidad, one Dark Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream, one Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, one Green May, and one Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut.
  • Keebler 10" Crusts: Ideal for no-bake pies, the 10'' crusts provide two more servings than Keebler's Original 9-inch Ready To Eat Crust.
  • Keebler Mini Crusts: The Keebler Mini Graham Cracker Ready To Eat Crust contains six individual sweet and crispy crusts that are perfect for no-bake pies.
  • Kinder Bueno Share Size: The Kinder Bueno Share Size contains four individually wrapped milk chocolate bars.
  • Kinder Bueno Mini Share Pack
  • Kinder Easter Bundle: Seasonally themed treats including two Hollow Figure 6-counts, one bag of Mini Eggs, two bags of Kinder Milk Chocolate filled figures, and four Kinder Joy Eggs.
  • Kinder Joy Easter Egg
  • Kinder Joy 6-ct. Easter Eggs
  • Kinder Joy 4-ct. Easter Eggs
  • Kinder Chocolate Mini Eggs
  • Kinder 6ct Spring Animal Hollow Figures
  • Mini Nutella Easter Jar
  • Raisinets Theater Box
  • Assorted Chocolate Minis from Butterfinger, Crunch, and Baby Ruth
  • Tic Tac Fruit Adventure

For more information on new and returning innovations visit and follow along on Ferrero's Pinterest page for recipes and celebration ideas.