Tree Top Inc., a farmer-owned fruit cooperative, has completed significant updates and finalized initial process commissioning for new puree operations at its Prosser, Washington location. The upgraded production facility with state-of-the-art equipment puts Tree Top’s puree manufacturing closer to the fruit sources. 

“The Prosser facility showcases Tree Top’s commitment to excellence in quality and efficiency so we can best serve our customers as the premier processor of fruit purees in North America,” said Craig Green, president and chief executive officer of Tree Top. 

The Prosser location will improve the operational stability of Tree Top’s supply chain of incoming fruit for puree processing, as well as its distribution to customers, Green added. “These benefits enable us to be a more reliable and competitive supplier of fruit ingredients on a global level.”

Tree Top’s puree production will primarily include apples and pears, along with Northwest berries and stone fruits, for use in ingredient categories such as beverages, baby food, fruit snacks, confections, other baked goods and dairy. The plant and all new lines will be Kosher, Safe Quality Food, and Quality Assurance International organic certified.

Puree production is being commissioned in phases, with apple and pear single-strength and concentrate products first, followed by berries and stone fruits in season. Apple, pear, and berry lines are expected to be fully commissioned by this month, with stone fruit commissioning complete in June. Tree Top customers are invited to schedule tours and audits to observe the new line in operation. 

Of the 180,000-square-foot facility, 25,000 square feet will be devoted to puree manufacturing. Puree operational capacity will be 650 tons per day for apples and pears (single-strength and up to 54 brix concentrate) and 125 tons per day for berries and other soft fruits (single-strength and 30 brix concentrate).

The facility, which was acquired by Tree Top from Seneca in 1999, has produced juice concentrates since it was established in 1965. Tree Top first announced the initiative to move puree operations from its Medford, Oregon, facility to the Prosser site in July 2021. The enhanced Prosser site, when fully operational, will add 22 jobs.