ASR Group and Bonumose have announced that tagatose production has commenced at Bonumose’s new commercial production facility and advanced R&D. Having developed a proprietary method for producing low-cost tagatose from plant-based starches, Bonumose reportedly is using enzymatic processes to make rare sugars at scale. Starting in mid-February, ASR Group will have tagatose available for initial shipments and samples.

A rare sugar that occurs naturally in a variety of foods including fruits and dairy products, tagatose works similarly to sucrose in many applications, is 90% as sweet, and has 60% fewer calories.  It also offers a number of other advantages as a sweetener. It has a low GI of 3, and it is Ketogenic Certified. Additionally, studies show tagatose to have prebiotic effects, and it recently achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status. For these reasons and more, tagatose is a sought-after ingredient for many leading, global food companies as it can be used to meet calorie-reduction targets and add functional benefits in a variety of categories without comprising taste, texture, or function.

American Sugar Refining, a member of ASR Group, is among the investors that helped Bonumose achieve tagatose commercial production. ASR Group, the world’s largest cane sugar refiner and marketer, is also Bonumose's exclusive distribution partner in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe. ASR Group’s research and testing of tagatose in formulations indicate that it performs well across a variety of food and beverage categories. 

"Because of the compelling functional and nutritional properties of tagatose, we are seeing strong market interest across a wide variety of food and beverage companies,” says Jim Kappas, ASR Group's vice president of specialty ingredients. “For this reason, Bonumose is fast-tracking plans for a second, larger plant."

Customers interested in receiving samples can complete an online form to be added to ASR Group’s tagatose sample waitlist.