Asian buyers will be able to experience the latest innovations from Ferrero Travel Market at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition, where the company will be exhibiting as part of the FNA stand (Basement 2-H28).

With Asia representing a key market for Ferrero, thanks to its strong market share in the region, driven by Premium Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher in particular, the show presents an important showcase for its groundbreaking innovations in the tablet and biscuit categories.

The new La Biscotteria concept represents Ferrero’s entrance into the under-developed biscuits segment of the global travel retail market. It includes two new concepts from the company’s brands; Kinder Cards T(2x3), which suit young and adults, and Nutella Biscuits T12 & T22, featuring hazelnut Nutella in a biscuit shell. Both products launched to Asian markets this spring, following the initial introduction at TFWA World Exhibition last October, but for many regional buyers, TFWA AP will represent the first opportunity to experience the products first-hand.

This summer also sees the availability of Ferrero Rocher Tablets to the Asia region. Available in three flavors—milk, dark 55% cocoa, and white—the tablets provide a new way for consumers to enjoy their favorite brand and capitalize on the market for sharing and treat-sized products.

Presented in an exclusive travel retail multi-pack of 3 x 90 gr tablets, Ferrero Rocher Tablets take advantage of the fast-growing premium chocolate tablet category whilst offering the benefit of an exclusive format for travellers.

Sergio Salvagno, general manager of Ferrero Travel Market said: “Asia is a massive market for Ferrero and while we are still not quite back to pre-pandemic levels, recovery is proceeding and we’re delighted to see our much valued Asian customers now able to travel internationally again.

“We’re confident that our new biscuit and tablet ranges will be as popular with Asian consumers as they are already proving to be with travelers in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.”

With strong distribution for Ferrero’s portfolio across Asia, the company is looking to introduce its new biscuit and table products initially through key airports in Singapore and Hong Kong, along with Seoul, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Shanghai.