Sow Good, Inc. has announced its entry into the freeze dried candy space and the addition of two additional freeze driers, which increase annual production capacity to approximately $35 million. Sow Good's increased capacity allows it to meet the projected retail demand after its launch of its freeze dried candy line.

The decision to enter this category comes as a result of freeze dried candy's sensationalization across all social media platforms, particularly TikTok. The hashtag "freezedriedcandy" has amassed over 2 billion views and continues to be a viral topic on the video platform. The consistent and growing interest in freeze dried candy supports Sow Good's belief that freeze dried candy is developing into an everyday, must-have category for retailers.

In 2022, the National Confectioners Association reported that the growth of non-chocolate candy is outpacing all other confectionary segments and is expected to reach $20B by 20271. The report further details that the demographics fueling this growth is Gen Z and millennials, inspiring innovation beyond the traditional big name candy brands. With its expertise in innovation and manufacturing, Sow Good's management team believes it is positioned to be the industry leader in the freeze dried candy space.

Sow Good is an established, food safety-certified brand with the capacity to meet industry demand, and is entering the candy space with a line of 16 SKUs—and counting.

Claudia Goldfarb, co-founder and CEO of Sow Good, said, "We are excited to hit the ground running and become the frontrunner brand that retailers and customers can trust to consistently provide delicious and high-quality candy."

Regarding expanding from natural fruit and veggie snacks into the candy space, Goldfarb added, "We are dedicated to serving our consumers through all aspects of life, not just one. The breadth of our freeze dried products allows us to support our customers wherever they are, whether they are focused on health or sustainability, or seek the wonder of turning a nostalgic, familiar candy into a fun, tasty, innovative sweet treat that satisfies their sweet tooth in fewer bites. The candy category is past due for disruption. Retailers are embracing innovation and innovation is what we do best."

Sow Good will be launching its freeze dried candy line into Five Below, IT'SUGAR, Showcase, TJX Canada, Redstone Distributors, and Imperfect Foods.