After the successful international launch of the Chupa Chups sparkling soda, which has twice been granted the Superior Taste Award by Belgium’s International Taste Institute, Perfetti Van Melle now brings a new licensing novelty to the market with its leading mint brand Mentos.

The product is a non-sparkling drink with low sugar that contains jelly bites, in a 240 ml can format. The drinks range consists of three flavor variants inspired by popular Mentos flavors: lemon and mint, apple soda kick, and fruity mix.

Marta Ballesteros, global licensing manager, says: "I'm thrilled with the launch of this groundbreaking drink for Mentos, which truly showcases our unwavering commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional brand experiences. I am confident that it will captivate the discerning palates of consumers across Europe, offering a delightful and unexpected taste sensation."  

The drink is manufactured by Namyang Co of South Korea under license of Perfetti Van Melle and distributed in the European market by the Dutch company Engel Foreign Food B.V.

Kihoon Kim, Namyang’s director of overseas department, says: “We released Chupa Chups sparkling beverage in 2018 and we have been recognized for the quality and taste around the world since then. With the release of Mentos drink at this time, we will once again provide fantastic pleasure to people around the world."

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