Today, food tech company Incredo, Inc. (U.S.) has announced the launch of Incredo Sugar G2, a concentrated version of its globally recognized sugar-based sugar reduction solution, Incredo Sugar. The solution is the latest addition to its portfolio of innovative sugar reduction offerings for food manufacturers and CPGs. Incredo Sugar G2 is a clean-label, patent-pending concentrated sugar-carrier complex, and is now available to companies in North America & Europe for use in baked goods, chocolates, spreads, and gummies.

Demand for products with less added sugar is at an all-time high as consumers and food companies recognize the negative impacts of sugar overconsumption for human and environmental health. Incredo Sugar G2 is a non-GMO solution made from a combination of real sugar (cane or beet) and protein, available in both plant-based and dairy-based options, making it a clean-label offering for food manufacturers. Because the solution is based upon real sugar, it also delivers the same sweetness and sensory profile of sugar with no aftertaste, which allows for the solution to maintain 100% of the taste of sugar with up to 50% less of it. 

Incredo Sugar G2 also offers easier use and flexibility as the solution can be integrated into food manufacturers’ recipes in various stages of the food preparation process. The solution can be added alongside a company’s current sugar supply, as a micro-ingredient rather than a full sugar replacement, requiring no change to its existing sugar procurement or supply chain and contributing to cost efficiency. This concentrated offering is also more sustainable because it can be produced, stored and manufactured in smaller quantities.

“Our aim when working with food manufacturers to achieve their sugar reduction goals is to offer a solution that suits their specific needs,” said Kelly Thompson, co-CEO and commercial head at Incredo. “This latest addition to our product portfolio provides another option for our partners that allows seamless integration into the manufacturing process, while leveraging our innovative technology.” 

The announcement of Incredo Sugar G2 comes on the heels of Incredo’s continued growth and expansion, having built out its North American headquarters and labs in Austin, Texas over the last year with the addition of team members across food science, operations, and sales divisions. As of 2024, Incredo has also transitioned all production of its sugar reduction solutions to the United States.

“We’re committed to providing innovative solutions which deliver sugar-reduced foods products that are both tasty and nutritious,” said David Tsivion, co-CEO and chief technology officer at Incredo LTD. “As we expand our ingredient portfolio with the launch of Incredo Sugar G2, we’ll continue to uphold our commitment to providing a full end-to-end solution, including providing our partners with guidance on any necessary recipe reformulation, bulking and production know-how, and strategic optimizations specific to desired food applications.”

Earlier this year, Incredo received a “no questions” response letter from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notice submitted by the company, signifying the safety of Incredo Sugar G2 for use in food products. Incredo Sugar has already reached full commercial availability in the U.S., and companies are using the solution in products, including sugar-reduced chocolate chips and coatings as part of Blommer Chocolate Company’s innovative Discovery product line. A variety of companies, including several iconic food brands, are developing and testing products using Incredo Sugar and Incredo Sugar G2. 

Incredo will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West next week in Booth 2898B, Hall C at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from March 14–16. Visitors will be invited to talk to the team and try products made with Incredo’s sugar reduction solutions. For more information, visit