The former owner of the Canadian brand Purdys Chocolatier, Charles Flavelle, peacefully passed away at home on May 27 at the age of 95.

In 1963, Charles Flavelle made a life-changing business move by acquiring Purdys Chocolatier together with his business partner and co-owner, Eric Wilson. As the general manager and president, he laid the foundation for Purdys Chocolatier to become the brand it is today.

His unwavering focus on quality chocolates, core values, and people-centric management resulted in Purdys Chocolatier’s significant growth and success over the span of 31 years. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for engineering were key drivers in taking the company from a modest four-shop operation to an impressive 42-shop network, extending its reach beyond British Columbia and into Alberta.

His strategic vision included not only retail expansion but also enhancing the company's production capabilities. He oversaw the establishment of the state-of-the-art chocolate factory that Purdys Chocolatier uses to this day in the heart of Vancouver, BC. Among his many contributions, Flavelle also created the Purdys Hedgehog and Sweet Georgia Brown in the early 1990s.

Flavelle's legacy reportedly continues to thrive under the leadership of his daughter, Karen Flavelle, who has been serving as the CEO of Purdys Chocolatier since 1997. The ownership transition is presently under the guidance of his grandson Scott McTavish, VP of strategy and corporate development, who is committed to maintaining the family's dedication to Purdys' values, success, and people.

Charles Flavelle and Karen Flavelle are 2024 Laureate Inductees into the Business Laureates of British Columbia (BLBC) Hall of Fame. Charles Flavelle will be recognized posthumously in addition to Karen on Monday, June 3 at the 18th annual Business Laureates of B.C. Hall of Fame Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremonies.

His passing is a tremendous loss for Purdys Chocolatier and the retail industry. The brand says: "He will always be remembered for building a place where people enjoy the work they do and the people they do it with. His passion for a supportive, caring, and inclusive workplace culture earned him the respect and admiration of his employees and can be credited in part for the many employees who have been with Purdys Chocolatier for over 25 years. Charles Flavelle’s passion for Purdys Chocolatier never wavered. He was known to be deeply invested in the success of the business until the end of his life. In his final hours, he recounted how grateful he was to have had a lifelong passion for his work and the many close friendships that came with it."

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