The global leader in color for food and beverage applications has added a state-of-the art plant with aseptic packaging capabilities to its stable.  

The process, which involves sterilizing a food product and its package separately and then combining and sealing the finished item in a sterilized atmosphere, can be beneficial to both the manufacturer and the customer.  

“In addition to the clear benefits of aseptic, our new aseptic packaging plant simplifies the supply chain by removing steps from the process to minimize risk,” says David Gebhardt, director of manufacturing for the Color Group.  

Sensient added its aseptic packaging plant to further define the industry standards by offering customers preservative-free colors with maximum shelf life and sustainability.  

“Eliminating preservatives from natural color systems significantly reduces shelf life. With our new aseptic packaging system, we are able to offer customers preservative-free natural colors that have a shelf life comparable to a preserved color,” says Steve Morris, United States Food Group commercial director.  

Along with a longer shelf life, Morris also highlights the sustainability of Sensient’s latest plant.   “Our new packaging reduces waste and is completely recyclable, minimizing the carbon footprint,” says Morris. Packaging will be available in sizes from as small as one-half gallon containers to large totes.  

As one of the largest business units of Sensient Technologies Corporation, Sensient Food Colors is well known for its color innovation and proprietary advancements including Fusion Precise Natural Colors®

Also, in April 2010, the global manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances, invested $16 million to expand their St. Louis manufacturing plant. The additions made this branch the largest and most advanced natural colors plant in North America.  

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