GODIVA has released a variety of chocolates to celebrate all kinds of love — from lovebirds to loved ones, best friends to beloved co-workers — this Valentine's Day.

This year's seasonal collection includes silky heart-shaped boxes filled with milk chocolate, as well as dark chocolate morsels and assorted truffles. GODIVA's Valentine's Day offerings were crafted with passion, creativity and love by GODIVA Executive Chef Thierry Muret.  

"Love comes in countless shapes and sizes so for this year's collection, we created a variation of delicious chocolates for every moment this Valentine's Day, especially crafted for expressing love, and easy to share with your Valentines, Galentines or to treat yourself," Muret says. "At GODIVA, we are thrilled to help you spread happiness and wonder to your loved ones this Valentine's Day with a sweet treat from this special collection."

GODIVA's 2022 Valentine's Day Collection features signature chocolate pieces and limited-edition boxes with vibrant, elegant packaging showcasing the seasonal theme: love in every form. Chocolate lovers will be treated to a wide-ranging variety of indulgent flavor combinations.

GODIVA's 2022 Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Collection, available online and select department stores:

Assorted Chocolate Heart Gift Box: This heart-shaped chocolate box includes flavors and core chocolates such as White Hazelnut Praline Raindrop, Praline Crescent, White Strawberry Crème, Dark Chocolate Molten Lava, Milk Chocolate Cappuccino and more.

Assorted Dark Chocolate Heart Gift Box: Includes flavors such as Raspberry Ganache Twirl, Dark Chocolate Medallion, Raspberry Duet, Cherry Cordial and more.

Fabric Heart Chocolate Gift Box: This fabric heart gift box is filled with GODIVA's finest gourmet chocolates including creamy pralines, rich caramels and luscious truffles, plus sweet fruits and crunchy nuts.

Gold Ballotin: This gold gift box is tied with a festive red ribbon and filled with milk, dark and white chocolates.

Cherry Cordials: Deep dark chocolate and sweet cherry make for the perfect palate-pleasing combination. Each piece individually wrapped in red foil and presented in a clear gift box tied with red ribbon.

G Cube Heart Tin: The gold heart-shaped tin holds 12 G Cube chocolate truffles, all individually wrapped and ready to share.

GODIVA Casual Gifting and Sharing, available in national retailers:

GODIVA Masterpieces, Goldmark Gift Boxes and Signature Chocolate Domes are available for purchase in the chocolate aisle at retailers nationwide, including CVS, Target, Walgreens, Publix and more.

Goldmark Assorted Heart Box: This assortment includes foil-wrapped milk and dark chocolate hearts, as well as chocolates with fillings such as Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Velvet and more.

Goldmark Dark Chocolate Assorted Heart Box: This all-dark chocolate assortment includes foil dark chocolate hearts, as well as chocolates with fillings such as Dark Chocolate Raspberry Velvet, Dark Chocolate Caramel Embrace and more.

Assorted Signature Chocolate Domes: Crafted with ingredients that deliver both crunchy and smooth textures for a truly unique flavor experience. This assortment includes Milk Chocolate Crispy Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Double Chocolate.

Assorted Chocolate Masterpieces: This assortment includes Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion of Belgium, Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oyster and Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Bliss.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart Masterpieces: Crafted with smooth, creamy fillings that melt in your mouth. This gift box includes the Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart, a bold dark chocolate heart filled with a chocolate ganache filling and more.

In celebration of love, GODIVA will share its decadent Valentine's Day chocolates with New Yorkers. On Feb. 8 and 9, consumers in Manhattan's Flatiron District and Herald Square will see bigger-than-life-sized GODIVA chocolate gift boxes, inspired by the legendary GODIVA Valentine's Day collection. Brand ambassadors will treat chocolate lovers in the area to samples of GODIVA's decadent chocolates as they walk by the pop-up installations.  

"Romance has long been synonymous with Valentine's Day,” said John Galloways, Godiva CM&IO. “And with that, chocolate has continued to be the token of love and appreciation for every Valentine in your life. At GODIVA, we believe that all types of love deserve to be recognized and celebrated, which our 2022 Valentine's Day collection signifies. With our delicious seasonal collection and our larger-than-life sampling installations in Manhattan, we're excited to share our delicious chocolates with the masses and spread the true meaning of love."