Multifilm has long supplied the twist wrap market with various proprietary twist wrap products to help confectioners transition away from cellophane to more economical and ecological alternatives. With the addition of the Multifoil operation, the company has added one more product in the twist category: stripe laminated foil. A newly acquired wax laminator from DCM laminates thin, individual strips of aluminum foil to an oriented polypropylene (OPP) film. The result is an elegant wrap with a distinctly European look and feel.

“The key is the aluminum foil,” explains Ollie Mannertorp, Multifilm’s ceo. “It is centered on the body of the candy and extends into the twist necks where the dead-fold of the aluminum provides the memory for the twist. The aluminum strip is the portion of the wrapper that is in direct contact with the candy, so the OPP can be reverse printed for superior gloss and scuff resistance.“

The stripe laminated twist wrap can also be used for single twist “sachet” applications, where the aluminum strip is offset to one side of the wrapper. This eliminates the need for a wax paper inner strip that is often used in sachet applications in order to get a snug wrap, allowing for both faster speeds and less scrap and down time.

 “With our new foray into foil processing, it made sense to invest in the machinery to make this hybrid twist product,” explains Chris Rogers, Multifilm’s president. “We can now offer this popular European wrapper style to our North American customers with the same quality and service level that we’ve become known for.” 

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