Packed with fiber, protein and heart healthy fats, Rind Snacks' REMIX is a nutrient-dense and balanced snack mix to help power busy snackers through the daily grind. The new snack features Rind's signature dried fruit blended with roasted nuts and dusted with distinct fruit seasonings. The first flavor in the new line, Piña Colada, is a summertime blend of diced pineapple, organic coconut crisps, and dry roasted, sweet-salted cashews.

"We're thrilled to mix things up with REMIX and extend Rind's sustainable portfolio into crave-able and flavorful fruit and nut snack mixes," said Matt Weiss, founder and CEO of RIND Snacks. "Piña Colada is such a dynamic and bright flavor that pairs perfectly with our upcycled pineapples, crunchy coconut crisps, and roasted cashews to deliver an irresistibly sweet and salty crunch with each bite."

Starting now, Rind's REMIX is available exclusively at Costco stores throughout the Los Angeles region with broader availability and additional flavors launching this fall. "We can't wait for Costco consumers to experience RIND REMIX this summer and we look forward to future fruitful innovation in the months ahead," said Weiss.