Venchi Italian Chocolate has used six fewer tons of virgin plastic on its 2022 Easter Collection than the previous year’s collection, encouraging conscious recycling and use of sustainable materials.

Three key principles guided Venchi in creating the Easter 2022 Collection: taste, aesthetics and sustainability. The company’s new Gourmet Egg range includes a Caramel Chocolate egg coated with salted almonds, the Chocoviar Pistachio egg, and a new Raspberry & Nibs egg whose pink color comes from plant-based colorings. Venchi is also offering small chocolate eggs.

All the wrappers used for the 2022 collection are made from at least 70 percent recycled PET or cotton-blend materials, and the polyester ribbons have been replaced by cotton and paper. The egg holders are made of recycled PET. Venchi’s mini eggs are also wrapped in aluminum.