Check out some of the chocolate new products Managing Editor Crystal Lindell brought back from the ECRM Show in Arizona. Featuring special guest Editorial Intern Abi Watt!

And don’t forget to check out the non-chocolate favorites video as well!

The products mentioned in this video include:

  • chocoStyle Chocolate Shoe from Axenta
  • chocoStyle Chocolate lipsticks from Axenta
  • iBar, Cranberry from Axenta
  • NibMor Chocolate Bars, Cherry
  • Tabasco Chocolate
  • MoonPie Bites
  • Chocolate cones Misori
  • Treat Street Minion Bites from My Favorite Co.
  • Lil Goos, from Goo Goo Clusters
  • Awake Caffeinated Chocolate
  • Big Little Fudge
  • Kensington Confections Chocolate Covered Peanuts
  • OMG's Clusters
  • Miss Mallow Bar from Axenta
  • Frey Chocobloc Orange and Blonde Bar
  • Montreal Fudge from Nantel
  • Snappers
  • Coco Bites from Anastasia Confections
  • Cemoi Banana Caramel Milk Chocolates