Cinnamon hearts made with real cinnamon oil, chocolate eggs with a white candy shell you can write on with food coloring markers and duck-shaped marshmallows hidden inside chocolate eggs! You'll find all that and more in our list of ten amazing new Valentine's Day and Easter products we saw at the Spring and Summer ECRM in Chicago. To submit your new products, simply fill our New Product form online anytime! 

1. Dove Assorted Heart Tin
Mars, Hackettstown, N.J. / (800) 627-7852

Dove Valentine Tin

The new Dove Silky Smooth Assorted Heart Tin boasts a variety of Dove Chocolate flavors, which means everyone will find something to love with this gift. The tins are ideal for sharing, and the special messages under each chocolate are sure to brighten a loved one’s day.
S.R.P.: $9.99


2. M&M’S Fun Size Heart Gift Box
Mars, Hackettstown, N.J. / (800) 627-7852

MandM Fun Size Heart

The heart-shaped box and the fun-loving M&M’S Characters set the mood for a gift that’s as fun to give as it is to receive. It’s filled with Fun Size packages of the candy, which makes it a delight  to open and fun to share!
S.R.P.: $4.99


3. Gimbal’s Cinnamon’s Lovers
Gimbal's Fine Candies, San Francisco / (800) 344-6225

Gimbals Cinnamon Lovers

The new Cinnamon Lovers heart-shaped candies are sure to tingle the senses and delight the taste buds. Made with real cinnamon, they burst with flavor, and they’re one of the few really authentic cinnamon candies out there. 
S.R.P.: (9-oz laydown bag) $2.49-$3.49


4. Doodle Egg
Vigneri Chocolates, Rochester, N.Y. / (877)844-6374

Doodle Egg

This chocolate egg decorating kit comes with three delicious chocolate eggs coated with white candy shell on the outside perfect for creating a beautiful Easter design. And of course, the kit also includes three food coloring markers, in blue, pink and yellow, which means after kids doodle all over the egg, they can eat the entire thing! It’s available in a single-egg kit. Vigneri Chocolate also makes Doodle Ornaments and Doodle Pumpkins.  

S.R.P.:(Single egg) $3.99;(Three-egg kit) $5.99


5. Waddles
Value Quest Foods, Atlanta / (800) 377-4920


These milk chocolate eggs have a delicious surprise inside — a marshmallow duck!  And the fun doesn’t end there. There’s four different marshmallow ducks hiding in these Waddles: Blue Duck, which tastes like blueberry; Pink Duck, which tastes like strawberry; Green Duck, which tastes like green apple; and Yellow Duck, which tastes like vanilla.

S.R.P.: (Single egg)$1.49; (Three-pack box) $4.29


6. Fruit Jellies
Cemoi, New York

Cemoi Fruit Jellies

These gourmet fruit jellies celebrate spring, and are made with 60 percent fruit pulps. They come in four delicious flavors, each in their own spring shape: a cranberry duck, a pear-flavored bunny, a mango butterfly and a raspberry flower. As with all Cemoi products, they are made in France.
S.R.P.: N/A


7. Edible Easter Grass
Galerie, Hebryon, Ky. / (859) 538-8000

Edible Easter Grass

Now the Easter Bunny can fill up his baskets entirely with candy! This Edible Easter Grass is perfect for the bottom of the basket this holiday season, and it means there’s no strings of messy non-edible grass to clean up the day after Easter. It’s available in green apple and pink strawberry.


8. Chick N’ Egg
Pearson’s Candy Co., Saint Paul, Minn. / (651) 696-2220

Chick n Egg Pearsons

This fluffy and moist yellow marshmallow chick is covered in real milk chocolate, combining the best of two Easter shapes! Pearson’s also will debuting a new marshmallow bunny. The pastel blue bunny marshmallow center is covered in real milk chocolate.
S.R.P.: (Chick n’ Egg)$0.59-0.79 or 2/$1; (Bunny 6 pack) $1.99 - $2.49.


9. PEZ Easter Egg In Tube
PEZ, Orange, Conn. / (800) 243.6087

Pez Easter Tube

This Easter egg lays delicious PEZ candy! It comes in a long tube, which makes it perfect for standing up in an Easter basket. Plus, it comes with seven packs of PEZ candy, so there’s plenty of refills to last throughout Easter morning and beyond.
S.R.P.: $2.99


10. Peter Cottontail Collection
Primary Colors, Ashland, Ohio / (419) 903-0403

Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail — to the candy aisle! Primary Colors has introduced a new Peter Cottontail collection featuring chocolate bars, swirl pops, gummy bunnies, candy-filled carrots, a jelly beans, a solid milk chocolate rabbit, Easter marshmallows, popping candy and more! It’s sure to put a hop in the step of anyone who receives it on Easter morning!
S.R.P.: N/A