What will be the next American Sweet?

The 2011Sweets & Snacks Expo, May 24-26 at McCormick Place in Chicago promises to make more than a few new ‘Sweet Stars.’ Here we offer you a behind-the-scenes look at new products sent to audition at the event, including: impulse items, chocolate delights, fruity treats, salty snacks, healthy treats, indulgences and novelty candies. We’re sure at least one will get enough consumer votes to become the next ‘American Sweet.’

Meet the contestants:

Chocolate delights:These sweet treats’ target audience is the chocoholic in all of us. From candy bars to gourmet sweets, all of the products promise to nail their audition with chocolate lovers.

Sun Cups
Seth Ellis Chocolatier, LLC, Boulder, Colo.
(720) 470-3257
Booth #1185
Seth Ellis Chocolatier has created delicious organic chocolate cup treats. Their Sun Cups are filled with organic sunflower butter with a touch of sea salt. They also offer Mint Cups and Caramel Cups. All of them are peanut-, treenut- and gluten-free, and are available in delicious milk and dark Ecuadorian Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate. The products also are certified kosher (dairy) by EarthKosher.
S.R.P.: (1.5-oz.) $1.99

Hot Chocolate Sticks with marshmallows
Belgium’s Chocolate Source, Wellesley, Mass.
(781) 283-5787
Booth #1308
Hot chocolate Sticks are the exquisite Belgian chocolate ganache that dissolves in hot milk. They come in milk and dark chocolate versions and are now available in a gift-pack with marshmallows.
S.R.P. $3.99

Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups
Justin’s, Boulder, Colo.
(303) 449-9559
Booth #1462

Justin’s recently introduced their nut butters to their perfect match - chocolate – and unveiled Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups in both milk and dark chocolate varieties. A healthy indulgence, both milk and dark chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are made by delicately placing the famous Justin’s Organic Classic Peanut Butter in the finest organic and fair-trade certified chocolate. Both varieties are gluten free and the dark chocolate is also dairy-free, marking it the world’s first vegan peanut butter cup.
S.R.P.: (1.4-oz., 2-cup package) $1.79

Cappuccino Ovation
SweetWorks, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.
(716) 204-0733
Booth #1709

These surrounding cappuccino truffle sticks are surrounded by dark chocolate. Made with real coffee bean and 100% all-natural, they’re the perfect complement to coffee and ice cream. Ovation sticks also make a decadent snack right out of the box.
S.R.P.: (4.4 oz.) $3.99

Dark Chocolate/Italian Chili Pepper
Torn Ranch, Inc.,
Novato, Calif.
(415) 506-3000
Booth #1451

Dark Chocolate/Italian Chili Pepper is the company’s signature all-natural dark chocolate. It’s infused with Italian chili peppers and offers a smooth chocolate delivery with a nice pepper finish.
S.R.P.: (1.4-oz. canister) $3.95, (1-oz. bar) $2.65

Bosco BAR
Bosco Product Co., N.J., and PRAIM Group, Mass.
(800) 970-9646
Booth #1482

Bosco Product Co. is partnering with The PRAIM Group to distribute a line of all-natural chocolate bars tied to Bosco Chocolate Syrup. The 3.5-oz. bars are wrapped in foil and then a paper wrap to invoke a nostalgic feel.
S.R.P. (3.5-oz. bar) $1.99-$2.49

Deep Dish Brownies
Sanders, Clinton Twp., Mich.
(586) 468-4300
Booth #1584

The Deep Dish Brownie line consists of three flavors: chocolate peanut butter, chocolate fudge, and chocolate caramel pecan. Each brownie has a rich brownie base, a layer of Sanderschocolate pieces, moist streusel topping, and drizzled inSandersfamous Gourmet Dessert Topping. Each Brownie flavor has a different Sanders chocolate piece and is drizzled in eitherSanders Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Topping.
S.R.P.: (8x8 trays, 6-ct. case) $9.99

The Pavilion Collection
Clinton Twp., Mich.
(586) 468-4300
Booth #1584

The new Pavilion Collection was designed to deliver upscale chocolates at an affordable price. Each box is brightly colored with a product image on the front. These 4-oz. boxes with 8-pc. trays in a display case, available in seven flavors.Sanders’ premium milk and dark chocolate enrobe each decadent piece.
S.R.P.(3.75-oz. bar) $4.99

Sanders, Clinton Twp., Mich.
(586) 468-4300
Booth #1584

Sanders’ “Favorites” are individually wrapped chocolates. The premium chocolates are easily consumable from point of purchase counters or in bulk. There are 10 flavors, all in their own colorful wrapping, with product image and description. Each piece has ingredient information and UPC codes on the back for bulk or individual sales.
S.R.P. $0.59 per piece

Chocolate Krispy Treats
Forbidden Sweets, Inc., Antioch, Ill.
(847) 838-8705
Booth# 2463
These Chocolate Krispy Treats are hand cut, completely covered in chocolate and hand crafted by designers and look just like a work of art. Each treat is roughly 4 inches in diameter, weighs 3.5 ounces, and is packaged on a sturdy sucker stick in a clear cello bag. They have hundreds of designs in every shape and color imaginable and can feature customized colors, names or even a company logo.
S.R.P.: $4.95

Rausch Plantation Chocolate
Rausch Schokoladen GmbH, Peine, Germany
(203) 256-8133

Rausch Plantation Chocolates is a unique product line where each product is made only of the best cocoa from one single cocoa growing area. The company has a slew of new offerings, including:
• Nouméa from Papua New Guinea - 35% cocoa
• Madanga from Madagascar - 39% cocoa
• Puerto Cabello from Venezuela - 43% cocoa
• Amacado from Peru - 60% cocoa
• El Cuador from Ecuador - 70% cocoa
• Tobago from Tobago - 75% cocoa
Rausch Plantation Chocolate is made from 100% fine-flavored cocoas, contain only cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cane sugar and whole milk powder. They have no other fat, no lecithin, no vanilla and other aromas.
S.R.P.: (3.5-oz./100-gr. bars) $4.49-$4.99; (1.41-oz./ 40-gr. sticks) $1.99-$2.09

Dorval Premium Collection
Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., Nanuet, N.Y.
(845) 624-3031
Booth #1101

Dorval Premium Collection chocolate sticks are available in extra dark, milk, mint and caramel.
S.R.P.: $2.79 - $3.29

Galaxy Confections, Inc., Chicago, Ill.
(847) 366-1624
Booth #237C

Galaxy Confections will debut Galaxies Chocolate Covered Malted Milk Balls and Peanut Butter Chocolate Malted Milk Balls, which are a great treat.
S.R.P.: (3.5-oz. bag) $1.29-1.39

Tuxedos Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Promotion In Motion, Inc., Closter, N.J.
www.promotioninmotion.com and
(201) 784-5800
Booth #631

A rich and delicious custom-blended dark chocolate drenches these almonds, which are freshly roasted California nonpareils.
S.R.P. (3.5-oz. theatre box) $1.69

Angell Bars
Jungell, Inc.,
Solana Beach, Calif.
(858) 926-5499

A line of Fair Trade Certified organic candy bars in 3 flavors: Angell Crisp (gluten-free), a classic combination of smooth, creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice; Snow Angell, white chocolate wrapped around a delicious, organic coconut center; and Dark Angell (vegan), a refined combination of luxurious organic dark chocolate, wrapped around a smooth cocoa center with organic almonds for crunch.
S.R.P.: (1.2-1.4-oz.) $2.49

White Chocolate Coconut Lime Bark
2 Chicks with Chocolate
888.Two.Chix (896-2449)
Booth #1086 and #1686

The White Chocolate Coconut Lime Bark features white chocolate loaded with toasted coconut, vanilla sea salt, and fresh lime zest.
S.R.P. $7.95

The Wine Collection
2 Chicks with Chocolate
888.Two.Chix (896-2449)
Booth #1086 and #1686

Finally, the perfect balance of Wine & Chocolate. The Spicy Merlot Bon Bon starts with a delicate 38% milk chocolate shell and is filled with a smooth, velvety milk chocolate ganache infused with merlot, cinnamon, orange, with a touch of black peppercorn on the finish. Meanwhile, The Cabernet Caramel is enveloped in a 58% dark chocolate shell. Inside you’ll taste a touch of wine and smooth caramel, with an interesting hint of salt on the finish. The Wine Collection comes in the limited edition wine bottle bag.
S.R.P. $39.95

Peanut Butter Squared

Mars Chocolate North America, Hackettstown, N.J.
Booth #1745

SNICKERS has taken the popular Peanut Butter Squared to the next level. The availability of a FUN SIZE version appeals to an even wider audience and is sure to entice consumers.
SRP: $2.59

King Size Mint Patties
Pearson Candy Co., St. Paul, M.N.
(800) 328-6507
Booth #

Pearson’s new King Size Mint Patties have a total package weight of 3-oz. They’re covered in real dark chocolate that features 66% cacao.
S.R.P. $1.69

DOVE Brand PROMISES Gift Boxes
Mars Chocolate North America, Hackettstown, N.J.
Booth #1745

These gift boxes make it easy to show someone they’re special during the holidays with the decadence ofDovebrand chocolate. The festive snowflake design on a red or blue background make them an appropriate gift to enjoy throughout the winter months.
S.R.P. $5.99

Ritter Sport Chocolate
Euro-American Brands,
Paramus, N.J.
(201) 368-2624
Booth #420

Euro-American Brands, will introduce the Extra Fine Milk Chocolate bar from Ritter Sport. This newest bar means 17 Ritter Sport varieties now will be available in the U.S. With a cocoa content of 35%, this bar has an excellent melt, is smooth and creamy and offers consumers a milk chocolate with a distinctly richer cocoa flavor. It is made in Germany and the company uses only natural ingredients.
S.R.P.: (100g/3.5 oz.) $2.49.