chimpanzee bars

Chimpanzee Bars            
Lacka Foods Ltd., London, UK

These all-natural candy bars are made with organic ingredients and vegan. They come in three flavors: Apricot, Raisin & Walnut, and Date & Chocolate. The company believes in the “power of natural energy” the chimpanzee as an active symbol guides them in everything they do.

Ingredients: (Apricot) Dried apricots , organic brown rice syrup, soy flour, apricot paste (cane sugar, apple puree, apricot puree, water, pectin, citric acid, natural flavor), organic whole oats, roasted soybeans, rice crisps (rice flour, saccharose, barley malt extract, salt.), *organic evaporated cane juice, malt, citrid acid, soy butter oil, natural apricot flavor, salt. *FairTrade

S.R.P.: (55g bar) £1.99