R.M. Palmer Easter items
R.M. Palmer, Reading, Pa.
(610) 372-8971
Description: R.M. Palmer has introduced several new hollow bunnies and confections for Easter 2018. With a reputation as the leader in seasonal hollow chocolate, the company continues to provide innovative chocolate novelties for all consumers and retail channels with their new Easter lineup, which includes:
  • Selfie Bunnies: 10-oz. hollow milk chocolate bunnies are ready for their “selfie” photos. Cutout props on-pack help capture the perfect selfie. S.R.P.: $6
  • Nibbles: This 8-oz. hollow milk chocolate bunny proudly holds an enormous chocolate carrot. S.R.P.: $5
  • Flopsy: A 14-oz., floppy-eared milk chocolate hollow bunny that no one can resist. S.R.P.: $8
  • Lil’ Flopsy: The proud little sibling to Flopsy, this 5-oz. Double Crisp bunny is chocolatey smooth and crisp n’ crunchy! S.R.P.: $1 
  • Caramel Big Bunny Bites: A 4-pack of delicious chocolatey eggs with soft caramel centers adds a new flavor option to the existing flavors of Peanut Butter and Smooth & Creamy Big Bunny Bites. Each egg is 1 oz. S.R.P.: $1 per 4-pack.
  • Eggword’s Eggs: A 32-oz. bag of assorted smooth and creamy eggs wrapped in foil with bright festive letters. They’re available in 32-oz. lay-down or stand up gusset bags containing 94 letters.
Ingredients: N/A
S.R.P. (Eggword’s Eggs): $7