Apparently the name Daffy Apple couldn’t keep up with the corporation’s continued growth, and thus a name change was in order. The company will now go by the name, “Daffy Farms.”

“We are now more than apples,” says Phillip Kellogg, president of Daffy Farms.

For one thing, after more than 60 years in the business, Daffy Farms’ caramel confections are being requested by more grocery chains, bakeries and foodservice sectors than ever.

The Colorado-based business sells All Natural Baker’s Caramel, All Natural Dipping Caramel, and Daffy Apple Traditional Caramel to retailers across the country.daffys

So, caramel is being incorporated into a growing array of pastries, confections, snacks, desserts, drinks, and frozen treats, says Kellogg.

“We’ve been known for making the finest caramel and our traditional recipe hasn’t changed since 1953,” he says.

The addition of their new natural caramels could be a big part of Daffy Farms’ growth over the years, considering the trend toward ingredient awareness.

The natural caramel products are produced with non-GMO corn syrup, fresh cream, pure cane sugar, and butter with no artificial flavors or colors. They’re available in a range of sizes and can be packed in microwavable tubs.

The Traditional Caramel is an easy-to-use dipping caramel that maintains a unique shiny finish. It’s available in four different sizes for use at home, in a retail setting, and by the foodservice industry.