The newest gummy candy on the market promises to not only help you eat healthier, but also to possibly help you lose weight.

Protica, Inc. has launched Protein Twist, a gummy candy with a similar taste and texture to more traditional gummy bears.

However, unlike other gummy candies, Protein Twist contains almost no sugar. Instead, Protein Twist has 15 grams of protein, one full serving of fruit and two grams of fiber.

“I have two young kids and they ask for candy all of the time,” says Jim Duffy, president and founder of Protica. “When I designed Protein Twist, I wanted to create a product that I could give to my kids and feel good about it - they are eating something healthy.”

Duffy hopes Protein Twist will help satisfy cravings for candy with a product that provides natural fruit flavors and protein in place of sugar and calories. It comes in cup-like packages and in eight different flavors, including: fruit punch, orange, grape, mixed berries, mango, green apple, watermelon, and orange pineapple.

The company says Protein Twist was designed to compliment weight loss diets that focus on several small meals throughout the day, instead of three big meals.

“One of my goals when creating Protein Twist was to create a snack that would help speed up the metabolism, which is why the candy contains 15 grams of protein and a serving of fruit,” says Duffy.

Founded in 2001, Protica is a research-based nutraceutical firm headquartered in Whitehall, Pa. In its privately owned 250,000 sq.-ft. facility, the company manufactures capsulized foods such as Profect, a meal-replacement protein drink and other meal-replacement products.

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