Puratos has commissioned its third version of the Sensobus, a mobile laboratory designed for consumers to share their opinions about everyday food, such as bakery, patisserie or chocolate prototypes. 

 The tractor-trailer, the first of its kind on American soil, will be used to collect data from companies Puratos works with directly along with consumer-heavy locations like shopping malls. 

“We hope to support our customers through the whole development process and that includes working on production in the lab and using our solutions and technology to make their process easier,” says Kathyrn Power, Puratos USA’s marketing communications manager. 

Using the eight individual sensory tasting booths inside, consumers can sample a selection of prototypes. The answers provided will be used to calculate a data map indicating consumer preferences.

“We need to make sure that the product is developed with the surrounding consumer preferences, which can change regionally, especially in the U.S.,” says Power. 

The bus will set up directly in company parking lots or predefined locations. 

Two previous versions of the Sensobus included a London-style bus and a vehicle in Brussles, Belgium that could lift up. The new U.S. truck will fold out to the sides to create more space for consumers.

Puratos is an international group producing ingredients for the bakery, patisserie and the chocolate sectors with a specific focus on artisans, supermarkets, QSR’s and industrial clients with a turnover of $1.4 billion. 

 For more information visit www.puratos.us