The Company:Das Foods, Chicago
The Product:Das Lolli
The Hook: Even though the economy has seen better times, consumers are still looking for innovative new products. As a solution, Das Foods has launchedDas Lolli. Each lollipop retails for $0.50 and is available in four exotic flavors: Fab-O-Pom, a pomegranate and orange lolli containing pomegranate extract, orange oil and pieces of orange zest; Caramel Me Happy, a caramel and lavender lolli made with caramelized cane sugar, Das Salty Caramel, lavender extract and Fleur De Sel sea salt; Naughty Ginger, a ginger and lemon lolli with candied ginger and all-natural lemon extract; and Man Bait, a maple bacon lolli combining bacon bits with maple syrup. Each lollipop has just 30 calories and is all natural with no corn syrup, chemical preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or food coloring.
Ingredients:Naughty Ginger: Sugar, rice syrup, crystallized ginger pieces, citric acid, lemon oil, natural ginger extract. Processed on the same equipment that processes peanuts/other tree nuts and corn products.