nancy adamsIt’s been 25 years since Nancy Adams confections debuted, and they’re just as timeless as they were more than two decades ago.

To celebrate, Nassau Candy, which makes the brand’s chocolate-covered pretzels and graham crackers, has relaunched them in a nostalgic brown gift bag packaging.  

Randy Goldbaum, v.p.of confectionery sales at Nassau Candy, says the brand’s success is a testament to Nassau’s commitment to quality and value.

"The history of our Nancy Adams brand is truly amazing," he notes. "Through the years, Nancy Adams products have been available in nearly every style packaging available, from boxed chocolate to tins to glass jars, and now nostalgia gift bags too! But the delicious treats inside are what really distinguish Nancy Adams from the rest."

The nostalgic packaging perfectly suits prestige presentation at confectionery shops, gourmet food and specialty markets, as well as inclusion in gift baskets and coffee house point-of-sale displays.

The company says the classically understated package coloring and materials allow the shopper to view the product inside, and impart a responsibly minimal feel that environmentally conscious buyers will appreciate.

Nancy Adams chocolate-covered pretzels and graham crackers, which are manufactured in the United States, are certified kosher. Both are available in dark and milk chocolate varieties. Graham crackers are individually packaged for retail sale in 7.5-oz. gift bags, while the pretzels come in 5.5-oz. gift bags.