These Cocoa-Roaches are 100% dark chocolate--there are no roach related products in this treat.

Imagine watching your significant other bite into a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach.

No, this isn’t Fear Factor - the Bronx Zoo is offering artisan chocolates shaped like the largest cockroach in a special promotion for Valentine’s Day.

Last year during Valentine’s Day, the Bronx Zoo offered customers the chance to name one of the 58,000 cockroaches in the zoo after someone special, whether it was the mother-in-law, ex, or spouse.

This year though, customers also will be able to purchase a 100% dark chocolate replica of a Madagascar hissing cockroach, with proceeds going to support the Wildlife Conservation Society and its five parks in New York City.

Each Cocoa-Roach is hand-painted and made from artisanal dark chocolate by Sabrina Berkowitz, chocolatier and pastry chef behind The Chocolate Box NYC. They are made with dark chocolate then painted with edible colored cocoa butter.

And you don’t have to be afraid to take a bite because the Cocoa-Roaches are 100% solid chocolate, which means no roaches were harmed in the making of these treats.

Cocoa-Roaches are $15 for one or $25 for a Cocoa-Roach couple, while naming costs $10. To ensure delivery for Valentine’s Day, orders must be made by Feb. 6.

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- M.K.