According to an article by Chris Morris in theOtago Daily Times, Cadbury announced it would begin work in late March or early April to redevelop its Cadbury Confectionery Ltd. factory in Dunedin, New Zealand. This is part of a $51-million project to convert the factory into a center of excellence. The factory, which produces all of the company’s chocolate assortments for the New Zealand and Australian markets, will receive a new, raised roof so that a larger caramel cooker could be installed, along with new ventilation ducts. The work is expected to be completed by late May, Morris writes.

The article also states that this announcement follows a company proposal to cut 145 jobs and integrate new, technological, high-production machinery to the factory over two years.

Additionally, the factory conversion project is part of a $153-million investment plan, which includes a $61- million investment in the Australian factory Claremont, Tasmania, resulting in the loss of 160 jobs, and a $22- million investment in the Australian Ringwood, Victoria factory, resulting in 25 job losses, Morris reports.