Ferrero USA has introduced a new logo and new packaging for its Crunch products.

The chocolate bar’s signature blue and red wrapper remains the same, but the graphics have been modernized. The new packaging also illustrates how Crunch is made from real milk chocolate and crisped rice.

Crunch’s new packaging captures the essence of the bar’s combination of 100 percent real milk chocolate and crisped rice,” said Amber Hansinger, marketing director of Crunch. “Still the same Crunch bar everyone loves, the image depicting the breaking of the chocolate bar communicates the products appealing crunchy texture.”

The new logo and packaging will appear on the Crunch bar, Buncha Crunch, Crunch fun-sized bars and on mini standup pouches.

Ferrero acquired the Crunch brand from Nestlé in early 2018, along with brands such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Laffy Taffy and SweeTarts. The company has worked to revitalize the former Nestlé brands over the last two years, including by launching a refined recipe and advertising campaign for Butterfinger in 2019.