Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances are hosting the upcoming “Flavors and Fragrances 2020 ” conference, which like most trade shows has now gone virtual. The event is slated to be held Sept. 28-29. 

The speakers will deliver a curated presentation revealing the top trends influencing both sectors and how those trends translate into the flavors and fragrances seen in the marketplace today. 

Here’s a sneak peek of their findings: 

1. Home Sanctuary

COVID-19 has fueled demand for products that promote exploration and discovery at home. 

Unique flavors and fragrances offer a heightened sensory experience for adventurous consumers and create opportunities for niche products to expand into the marketplace. 

Brands trial their latest scent offerings with a variety of discovery kits that consumers can test at home.

2. Health and Wellness

The quest for better-for-you alternatives remains strong as consumers seek out products with added benefits. Food and beverages that contain immunity, digestive and other functional claims and fragrances featuring relaxation and energy claims gain immense traction. 

Mintel reports that 45 percent of Millennials would give up alcoholic beverages in order to improve their health as margaritas and peach bellinis transform into both mocktail beverages and scents. 

3. Responsible Consumerism

Consumers trust and support brands with a strong purpose as sustainability turns into an expectation. 

Clean and free-from labels usually require products to exclude specific processed ingredients as consumers gravitate toward more naturally based food and fragrances. Reduce, reuse and recycle remain a top priority as brands look toward more eco-friendly practices.

To request a copy of the trends that will be presented at the conference, email contact@flavorchem.com.