Jelly Drops, a candy to support hydration in those who struggle to consume enough water, has launched its brand in the U.S. 

Popular among people with Alzheimer's, seniors and others who struggle to stay hydrated, Jelly Drops are made with 95 percent water, contain added electrolytes and are sugar-free. With a colorful design and a teardrop shape that makes them easy to handle, the bite-sized candy has a solid, yet smooth, texture that encourages independent hydration.

Lewis Hornby, founder and designer of Jelly Drops, was inspired to create water candy after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to hydrate. Dehydration is a common challenge for those living with memory problems as they can forget to drink enough water. 

With the backing of the UK’s Alzheimer Society's Innovation Accelerator Programme, Hornby spent 18 months researching and developing the product before making Jelly Drops available to the public in the United Kingdom in 2020. With honors including the National Dementia Care Awards Innovation of the Year, and an outpouring of demand, the Jelly Drops team is now expanding distribution to the United States.

"Since launch, we have made over 3 million drops, empowering countless seniors, people with dementia and many more, to support their hydration in an easier and more enjoyable way," Hornby said. "We've already seen many people living with dementia enjoy and benefit from Jelly Drops, and our team is excited to reach even more people and create joyful moments as we begin distribution of our water candies in the U.S."

Jelly Drops are available on a subscription basis and retail for $9.99 per tray.