THE COMPANY: The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, San Francisco
THE PRODUCT:Cocoa Vinoso dark chocolates
THE HOOK: The San Francisco Chocolate Factory has created premium dark chocolates, Cocoa Vinoso, to complement flavorful red wines. The chocolates vary in cocoa percentages and are made from high quality cocoa beans from all over the world. For example, 55% pairs with Cabernet, 72% with Zinfandel, 58% with Merlot, 61% with Syrah, 56% with Pinot Noir and 54% with Port. In addition to complementary tastes, chocolate and wine are both high in antioxidants.
INGREDIENTS: 54% Cocoa: Semi-sweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter), soya lecithin, pure vanilla and vanillin (an artificial flavor). 
S.R.P.: $7.50 per 5-oz. tin.