Bacon Cotton Candy

Gold Medal Products, Co. 

Cinncinnati, Ohio

(800) 543 - 0862

As the leader in cotton candy innovations for over 60 years, Gold Medal has done it again with the release of four new flavors: chocolate orange, chocolate strawberry, chocolate cherry and bacon. Yes, bacon.

“It’s something that is so unusual and when you hear it you’re like “What?” but then you taste it and it’s salty and it’s sweet and who doesn’t like bacon?” says Bethe Ferguson, marketing communications coordinator, Gold Medal Products Co. “It just goes together very well, it’s shocking and very memorable.”

What started as a shake-on seasoning for popcorn, quickly transformed into an easy treat ready for anyone who is craving something a little salty and sweet, without all the calories of a plate of bacon.

“It was one of those myriads of watching trends within the food industry and watching the confectionery industry. We’ve been watching all the different industries for awhile,” says Todd Sunderhaus, certified Food Scientist and creator of the bacon cotton candy.

A lot of customer testing, feedback and research went into creating the new flavors of cotton candy. Being mindful of customer’s requests is a backbone of Gold Medal’s business. The bacon cotton candy was first launched in the fair and festival circuit, but is now available for the home cotton candy spinner too.

“Cotton candy is a product that goes in many markets,” continues Ferguson. “It’s in ice cream parlors and candy shops, it’s in fundraising and fine dining restaurants. I wouldn’t be surprised if these flavors show up in the most unexpected places right now.”

With the success of the cotton candy, a line of sno cone and frozen drink mixes may be in the works for Gold Medal, but one thing’s for certain, bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

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