Natra was founded in 1943.

Seventy years ago Arturo Benlloch, Alvaro Faubel and Juan R. Ferrándiz laid the foundation for a company that would one day be a leading manufacturer of chocolate products and cocoa derivatives.

The three Valencian chemists founded Natra (then known as A. Benlloch – Laboratorios Natra) with the purpose of extracting and purifying theobromine — a natural alkaline found only in cocoa, for pharmaceutical uses.

In 1950, after delving into the world of cocoa in Equatorial Guinea, they expanded their activities to include food. They learned to use the whole cocoa bean rather than just the shell and, for many years remained the only company to do so.

With business relationships in sixty countries on five continents, Natra provides one of the most extensive portfolios of products available: including chocolate coatings, chocolate and cereal bars, Belgian chocolates and truffles, chocolate tablets, and spread creams. The shift to private label turned Natra into one of the leading suppliers among the largest global distributors.

For the coming years, Natra will focus on further development of the company into new export markets outside Europe.

Fostering long term partnerships with customers through quality and innovation are fundamental pillars for the sustainable development of Natra in the years to come.