The Lovely Candy Co., LLC — maker and marketer of its highly successful consciously crafted sweets — is getting into the chocolate category.

The company has acquired the exclusive rights to the innovative, honey-based chocolates manufactured by Honey Acres of Asshipun, Wis. And the companies plan to launch a line of dark chocolate honey truffles in cocoa, mint and raspberry flavors. 

The candies are foil-wrapped and only have two or three ingredients.  The products will be available in gusseted bags, 3-pack trays and bulk.

“I’m delighted to build on Honey Acres 154-year-old tradition in honey and bring these quality products to the masses,” says Jackie Nakamura, founder and ceo of Lovely Candy Co. “The clean ingredient profile of these chocolates is consistent with the vision Lovely Candy has been built upon.”

John Gabrielian, the ceo of Honey Acres, says he is excited about combining the strengths of both companies.

“As a six-generation honey company, we have been making honey-based products for over 150 years. That’s what we are very good at.  Lovely’s fast growing brand and aggressive sales and marketing will be very beneficial for both companies and the trade.” Gabrielian says.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, however Lovely Candy Co., LLC will become the sole manufacturer, marketer and distributor for all confections bearing the Honey Acres marks in the USA.  

“Although there will be a transitionary ramp up, we expect to be fully engaged in production and shipping to the trade by fourth quarter of 2016,” says Brian Heiser, v.p. of marketing and product development at Lovely.

The Lovely Candy Co., founded in Chicago in 2013, is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of consciously crafted confectionary products, famous for its gluten-free licorice, caramels and fruit chews.  All of its products refrain from using high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients of any kind, are gluten-free and kosher.