ConFitExpo 2013
Visitors browse the trade show floor at the 2013 CONFITEXPO. Photo provided.

For Rick LaRue, v.p. of international sales for The Promotion in Motion Companies, Inc., the annual CONFITEXPO event in Mexico helps his company expand their presence in Latin America.

“CONFITEXPO is a compact ISM for the Latin American trade,” he says. “The vendor representation and participation is strong, aggressive, and focused. Unlike any confectionery trade show that I have been to in 30 plus years, the sales personnel are meeting with customers at their respective stands on the show floor and writing orders for up to two hours after the show has officially ended.”

In fact, LaRue says that the show helped Promotion in Motion meet with the category directors of two different major retail accounts and close on two very solid promotional events, which they expect to lead to a significant spike in sales and strengthen their market presence.

All told, 11,698 visitors attended the 2013 CONFITEXPO— held July 31 -Aug. 2 —  1,452 of whom were foreigners like LaRue.

Arguably the most important confectionery exhibition in Latin America, the show hosted 283 exhibitor companies from México and 25 foreign exhibitors from countries such as China, Colombia and the United States.

LaRue says Promotion in Motion’s main goal for the event is to meet with key accounts and convey to them that they are in the Latin American market and they have a solid plan for growth in the area.

The company has worked hard to establish itself as a dominant United States-based confectionery supplier to Mexico and South America, and CONFITEXPO offered them the perfect chance to showcase that message.

“[We received] many comments from retailers regarding our stand, the investment that we made in the show, having our pack type offerings in Spanish, and the outstanding qualities of our products,” LaRue says. “People were impressed and they told us about it!”

The 2014 CONFITEXPO is slated for July 29-Aug. 1.