Managing Editor Crystal Lindell dishes on some of her favorite candies from the last month.

The products mentioned in the video include:

  • Sour Power Quattro Snacks (Dorval)
  • My Little Phony and Transformers Radz (Radz)
  • Softer than Brittle (Mount Franklin Foods, LLC)
  • Chewy Fruities (Tory and Howard)
  • Donut Pastry Crisps (Salvatore Constantino brand, G.Debbas Chocolatier)
  • Gummy sharks (It’ Sugar)
  • Cherry Lovers (Gimbal's)
  • Petite Pufflettess Orange Gummy Bites (Yum Junkie)
  • Gustave's Freeway Fruit Gummies, Pink Cadillacs (Gerrit J. Verburg Co.)
  • FlaVor Artisan Crafted Candies (Creative Concepts)