Candy Cane Cotton Candy

Candy Cane Cotton Candy
Fun Sweets
Fun Sweets has introduced a new flavor of cotton candy that combines the best of summer and winter into one. The new Candy Cane Cotton Candy is a red-and-white swirl of color with a light peppermint taste that’s a fun twist on the candy cane concept.  It’s sold in clear resealable tubs that feature a reindeer holding a large candy cane in his left hand and cotton candy in his right.
Ingredients:Sugar, artificial flavors and colors, (red #40)
S.R.P.(1.5-oz. tub): $1.39

Red-Nosed Gummies

Red-Nosed Gummies
Flix Candy, Niles, Ill
Flix Candy’s latest offering features the most famous reindeer of all - or at least his nose. Red-Nosed Gummies come in two flavors - strawberry and watermelon. They’re sold in a theater box, which features Rudolph and an elf on the front.
Ingredients: Corny syrup, sugar, gelatin, pectin, citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate, atrificla flavors and artificial colors: (FD&C red no. 40, caramel and titatnium dioxide).
S.R.P. (3.25-oz. box) $1.09 to $1.39

Hanukkah Momentos

Hanukkah Momentos
Chocolates a la Carte, Valencia, Calif.
Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December worthy of candy. Chocolates a la Carte offers chocolate decor shaped like a six-point star and a dreidel, decorated with blue frosting and white sprinkles. The company also makes milk chocolate mementos that feature a menorah on the front and “Happy Hanukkah” written across the bottom.