MycoTechnology, a natural food technology company, has come to an agreement with Nascent Health Sciences, LLC ("Nascent") to manufacture and sell MycoZyme processed stevia.

MycoTechnology's innovative process uses mushrooms to remove the bitter metallic lingering after-taste from the plant-based sweetener stevia. Nascent's high quality SoPure stevia extract will provide the base for the new technology with uninterrupted supply.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners have been on a decline in recent years due to concerns around their effects on people's health. As a result, consumers are seeking zero-calorie sweeteners that come from all-natural sources.

However, the major challenge with formulating new products with stevia has been its unique aftertaste. Using MycoTechnology's all-natural, non-GMO and chemical-free process on stevia, opens up new opportunities for product development that meets consumer demands.

"MycoTechnology's MycoZyme process is extremely exciting for us,” says Michael Chen, v.p. of sales and marketing of Nascent. “Their ability to reduce the metallic flavor characteristics that are often associated with stevia extracts creates a big opportunity for the industry. The finished product has noticeable improvement in aftertaste and it is one of the best tasting stevia extracts I have ever tried. We are pleased to add it to our product portfolio.”

Under the agreement, Nascent has the right to incorporate MycoZyme into the extraction process at their manufacturing facility with an option to process at MycoTechnology's Denver facility. The non-bitter stevia has immediate availability worldwide.

"Working with one of the largest stevia suppliers is incredibly exciting,” says Alan Hahn, ceo and founder of MycoTechnology. “Nascent's global distribution network, manufacturing expertise and consistent supply will allow us to quickly supply the world with 100 percent natural, non-bitter stevia."

MycoTechnology, Inc., headquartered in Aurora, Colo., is a Food Technology Company using its proprietary gourmet mushrooms to successfully transform agricultural products such as coffee, chocolate, tea, wheat and stevia. The goal is to improve the taste, value and nutritional characteristics of these foods through their natural technology.

Nascent Health Sciences, LLC is the exclusive global market representative for InoPure inositol, PureQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone and SoPure stevia, manufactured by Zhucheng Haotian Pharma Co., LTD ("ZCHT") from China. For the past decade and a half, ZCHT has been servicing some of the largest pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food manufacturers in the world with its inositol.