Getting noticed by consumers is the key to boosting holiday sales. This is increasingly challenging when shoppers face more product options, new packaging graphics and tempting sales.
With consumers making decisions in as little as a third of a second, the need to stand out and differentiate on-shelf is crucial. The right packaging features and designs can make an impact on shopping behavior. 
However, it’s not only the product itself, but the design and functional benefits of a package that makes the difference.
Packaging design that spreads holiday cheer
Packaging is an important part of the consumer experience and can be used to differentiate products and spark emotions in holiday shoppers. Just like how we buy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to show affection on Valentine’s Day, brands continue to find new ways to create interest on-shelf with packaging designs.
One way candy brands are standing out is by transitioning their packaging format from a flat bag to a reclosable standup pouch. Packages that lie flat garner minimal visibility compared to a reclosable standup pouch with a large, appealing billboard. Standup pouches are easy for consumers to store in cupboards and showcase compelling brand billboards on the store shelf. 
The same format can be made smaller for stocking stuffers. Small-format pouches are perfect for St. Nick; plus, resealability means holiday shoppers can nibble on the candy a little at a time rather than having a single use package the doesn’t reclose. 
For brands that are unsure of transitioning formats, consider testing it with a focus group and research the success brands are yielding from reclosable standup pouches. 
Packaging functionality that gets you on the nice list
Holidays are a busy time for consumers, and they’re looking for anything that makes their lives easier. A study by the Flexible Packaging Association found that 14 percent would pay more money for a package that can reseal. Reclosability lends a helping hand by keeping products fresher longer and keeping them from repackaging contents. This is especially needed in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas where similar ingredients may be used. 
Make it simple for consumers to refill the candy dish or use ingredients throughout the holiday season with a package that stands up for easy storage and recloses for product freshness. An increase in sales due to a value-added package could offset the cost of adding cost-effective closures to flexible packaging. 
Until recently, brands could only use press-to-close zippers on small format packages. New innovations such as small-sized sliders help consumers see the product as a premium option, setting it apart from other products.  
While it may be too late to change your holiday packaging strategy, it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Watch what the competition is doing, keep your eyes open for packaging trends and find forward-thinking partners that can help your candy brand deliver packaging that’s on the wish lists of holiday shoppers.