Looking in to the future of chocolate production, one could easily argue that the industry will look completely different in ten years. This prediction is not very difficult, so the more important question is what will cause the changes?

Words such as efficiency, hygienic design and flexibility are becoming more essential in the chocolate manufacturing industry. The equipment should be efficient in energy consumption, have a hygienic design to avoid any problems with the end product, and have a flexible approach.

Buhler, as an innovative supplier in the chocolate manufacturing industry, has faced these trends and developed new solutions for both emerging and established markets.

One of these technological advancements is an all-in-one refining machine, the ALIOR. With this machine, Buhler combines the two most important process steps in chocolate mass production – the refining and conching processes – in one machine. Thanks to this combination, Buhler will meet customer demands for flexible and efficient equipment.

Chocolate moulding is another area where Buhler is developing new solutions to meet the future demands of customers. The ChocoStar Compact is a new flexible, applicable molding line. Thanks to its modular design, the molding line will grow together with the customer.

The ALIOR and two parts of the ChocoStar Compact will be ondispaly at ProSweets.

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