The Sour Patch Kids brand knows Halloween will look a little different for everyone this year, so it's launching a reverse trick-or-treating experience across the U.S. 

On Halloween night, Sour Patch Kids will head to 12 cities to make special contactless deliveries of a Sour Patch Kids Halloween package. The deliveries will include Sour Patch Kids Zombies candy and Sour Patch Kids branded toilet paper, because nothing screams Halloween like TPing your living room and wreaking some safe Halloween havoc indoors. 

In one lucky city, Sour Patch Kids will roll through the neighborhoods in a larger-than-life jack-o’-lantern mobile, shaped like the classic candy bucket. Hopping off their one-of-a-kind candy carriage, the Sour Patch Kids will personally bring Halloween tricks and treats right to families’ front doors, dropping the deliveries off contact-free while maintaining all proper safety measures.

“We know so many kids in the U.S. look forward to typical Halloween traditions like dressing up in costumes and collecting a respectable candy stash,” said Danielle Freid, brand manager, Sour Patch Kids. “We’re hoping to bring the spirit of Halloween to American families with our reverse trick-or-treating experience as a reminder that there are still ways to get creative, have fun and enjoy treats – and tricks – in a safe way this Halloween.”

Starting Oct. 8, fans can suggest their cities by heading to the Sour Patch Kids Instagram page (@sourpatchkids). Based on America’s suggestions, Sour Patch Kids will select 12 cities, which will be announced later this month.  

While only one lucky city will get the visit from the Kids on the giant jack-o’-lantern, candy lovers in all 12 cities will be able to enter the Reverse Trick-or-Treat Sweepstakes on Oct. 31 for a chance to win a special on-demand delivery of a Sour Patch Kids Halloween package made right to their doorstep in conjunction with Fooji. Candy deliveries will be made within two hours upon receiving winning confirmation. 

To enter on Halloween day, fans in the 12 cities can either head to Twitter or Instagram. Simply tweet @sourpatchkids #SourThenSweetHalloween #Sweepstakes or head to Sour Patch Kids Instagram to either swipe up on the brand’s Instagram Story or click the link-in-bio to see if you’ve won. Participants must be 18 years or older.