Doylestown, Pa.-based The Quigley Corp. announced it will close its Simon Candy manufacturing facility located in Elizabethtown, Pa. due to increased raw material costs and low-cost, foreign-sourced products. The closure will result in all Simon Candy employees losing their jobs.

The Simon Candy plant, which has been in business for more than 50 years, will remain open until its customers’ orders have been filled and all ingredients and materials have been used. The following brands will be discontinued:Simon’s brand bulk candies,Coal Candy,Tropical Treasures,Stars & Stripes Mints,Serendipity Sugar Free,Lolly Lites, andCollege Farm Organic.

The Quigley Corp.’s Lebanon, Pa. plant will remain in business. ItsCold-Eeze,Kidz-EezeandOrganix cough drops are unaffected by the plant closure.