Canabis infused lollipops

A confectionery company that specializes in cannabis sweets is partnering up with a financial backer in an effort to expand. Except this one isn’t in Colorado. 

Merry Jan’s Edibles, an Oregon-based bakery, is partnering with Next Generation Management Corp.’s subsidiary, NextGen Holdings, LLC.

The move comes just weeks after Measure 91 passed in the West Coast state, allowing Oregonians to consume marijuana recreationally, as opposed to just medicinally. 

Merry Jan's has more than 30 years of baking experience and is currently supplying a small number of existing marijuana dispensaries with a variety of gourmet cookies, brownies and other baked goods and confections.

Merry Jan's also is famous for its THC-infused Cannabutter, which is made in house.

Darryl Reed, NextGen’s ceo. says that "now that Measure 91 has passed, legalizing marijuana in Oregon, we will continue to expand operations by strategic partnerships.” 

“Our role in the newly formed partnership will be to assist in the expansion of the brand by hiring sales staff, increase awareness through social media and other forms of mass marketing,” Reed explains. “Merry Jan's is currently working on rolling out a Holiday platter that will include cannabis-infused cookies, pecan pie bars, raspberry white chocolate bars and chocolate mint brownies.”

Both parties have agreed to terms and the final partnership agreement is being drafted.

NextGen also is looking for a location in the Portland, Ore. area to open a licensed dispensary, Reed says.

Next Generation Management Corporation's wholly-owned subsidiary was formed to hold its Oregon cannabis assets.