The Belgian Royal Association of the Chocolate, Praline, Biscuits and Sugar Confectionery Industry (CHOPRABISCO) has created labeling guidelines for chocolate manufacturers distributing “Belgian” chocolate, which took effect September 1, Confectionery News reported.  The code relates to the European directive 2000/13, which says labeling cannot be misleading. The code was created to protect the high quality meaning of Belgian chocolates, but does not carry any legal weight.

In order to be labeled “Belgian chocolate,” the product’s ingredients must be refined and moulded in Belgium, but the beginning stages could take place in another country. The code calls for the entire process to be completed in Belgium in order for the product to be considered “Belgian chocolate.” In addition, if the chocolate was not entirely produced in Belgium, the product should be labeled “Made with Belgian chocolate” in order to let consumers know that the chocolate is not 100% Belgian.