On January 21, the Pastry World Cup, during Sirha Lyon 2023, announced Japan as its first-place winner. Japan was represented by Moe Takahashi, Naritoshi Suzuka, and Yusaku Shibata, and their victory rewards the technique and creativity of the team's creations.

France took home second place and Italy took home third place.

For 10 hours, the 17 teams, each composed of a chocolate maker, a sugar expert, and a master ice cream maker, created 42 tasting desserts and three artistic pieces on the theme of climate change.

Pierre Hermé, president of the contest, and Cédric Grolet, honorary president of this edition, as well as the entire Jury, were seduced by the creations of the Japanese team, and their work wind-based to respect the “Climate Change” theme of the Pastry World Cup. All the members of the jury also rewarded the team spirit as well as the non-wasting of the products.

“The level of the competition rises from one edition to the next, as evidenced by the very close results," attests Pierre Hermé, president of the Pastry World Cup. "It is with great emotion that we award Japan, a country accustomed to the podium, which is back on the top 16 years after its last victory."

“All the candidates were very passionate, which is satisfying for me as a pastry chef," adds Cédric Grolet, honorary president of the Pastry World Cup. “I would like to thank all the people who worked here, for having helped me rediscover this wonderful profession, which is on an every-day evolution, visually, and technically."

After finishing second on the podium for the last 5 editions, the team composed of Moe Takashi, Naritoshi Suzuka, and Yusaku Shibata allowed Japan to win this year on the first step of the podium. This victory allows the country of the Rising Sun to win its first gold medal since 2007 and to add a third World Cup to their list of achievements.

After having reached the third place during the 2021 edition, the French team, composed of Georges Kousanas, Jérémy Massing, and Jana Lai, is once again on the podium during this 18th edition.

Italy, after having won three gold medals, once again received a place on the podium. This 3rd place is all the more symbolic as the ice cream candidate, Martina Brachetti, is the first Italian woman to be selected for the World Pastry Cup.