The victory of Malaysia and the qualification of South Korea and Chinese Taipei at the Asian Pastry Cup concluded a day of competition during which six teams competed in Singapore. 

This last continental selection also closes the qualification phase for the Grand Finale of the Pastry World Cup, which will be held Jan. 20-21, 2023 in France, where the 20 qualified countries will be in the spotlight.

Winners of the 2022 Asian Pastry Cup include:

  • 1st: MALAYSIA - Charles LIM / Pui TENG
  • 2nd: SOUTH KOREA - K.M. JUNG / J.B. KIM
  • 3rd: CHINESE TAIPEI - Yuan-Pin CHANG / Hsun-han CHAN
  • 4th: SINGAPORE - Lim JIAYONG / Loh Zheng LIANG

On Oct. 26, South Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Chinese Taipei had five hours to finalize two frozen fruit entremets, 12 frozen lollipops, seven restaurant-style desserts, and two 145-cm artistic pieces, under the eyes of an jury made up of pastry chefs, including Marc Rivière, World Pastry Champion in 2009, and member of the International Organising Committee (IOC).

At the end of the competition, the IOC also decided to reward the Singaporean team, host country and fourth place of this Asian selection, allowing it to qualify for the Grand Finale.

In addition, the IOC decided to award an additional Wild Card to the Philippines, which was unable to participate in this continental selection.

Japan, which already qualified for the Grand Finale thanks to its second place on the podium at the last edition of the Pastry World Cup, will also be present in January 2023.