Chocolat Mathez is a French manufacturer of cocoa truffles since 1934, and develops new flavors and packaging each year to meet the expectations of its customers around the world. Today, its cocoa truffles are consumed in more than 40 countries, and are offered in individual bags, in paper boxes, in bags, or in metal tins. 

For 2023, the company has released cocoa truffles with gingerbread chips and a natural cinnamon aroma.

In addition, this year the company has created a "low-sugar" chocolate truffle where part of the sugar has been replaced by vegetable fibers. 

Its new packaging collections include:

  • 35g Christmas bag: Each ready-to-use display contains 12 bags. Inside, importers/distributors can choose truffles with the flavor of their choice (with popcorn, caramel, candied orange peels, etc.). The bags are covered with a Christmas design.
  • Halloween range: Last year, the 35g bag was a success, so we the company is expanding this collection with its 50g mini paperbox and the 100g pyramid. Decorated with orange and purple colors, this collection highlights its little witch character. These products can be ordered with a minimum of quantities.
  • Metal tins: "Animals": A collection of three small metal tins (100g) with ears and whose nose has been replaced by a cocoa truffle. Once the truffles have been consumed, the tins will reveal small toys for children.