Candy Industry posted a lot of products last year, many in the better-for-you, chocolate, or holiday categories. Unsurprisingly, many of our top pageview-generating articles were about chocolate, but a few gummy product articles snuck in, as well.

Without further ado, the best new product posted on Candy Industry last year, with 143,391 pageviews, is: MrBeast Feastables chocolate bars.

Google picked up Candy Industry’s article as their featured snippet, meaning that when consumers or people in the confectionery industry searched for the product, it came up at the top of the first page on Google—a factor that likely helped the new snack product rank at the top of the most-viewed articles of last year. Philanthropist and digital creator Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, launched Feastables in January 2022, a better-for-you snacking brand rooted in gamified experiences.

With the mission to deliver high-quality snacks, Feastables' first launch was the MrBeast Bar, a gluten-free chocolate bar that included simple ingredients such as organic cocoa. The MrBeast Bar launched in three flavors: Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch Chocolate.

Donaldson has Crohn’s, and growing up with it, he was aware of the need to make high-quality snacks more accessible.

"No other brand is creating quality snacks with a focus on fun at a mass scale, and I'm excited for everyone to experience it,” he said.

Feastables is available at with prices ranging from $2.98–$49.99 for individual bars and bundles, respectively. Individual bars are also available on

mr. beast chocolate
Courtesy of MrBeast

Honorable mentions

Courtesy of Hershey

Hershey releases 8 new Valentine’s and Easter candies for 2022. Seasonal chocolate and treats are always popular, and this article obtained 6,972 pageviews last year. Reese’s and Hershey’s brought back some of their heart-shaped goodies, and also introduced the new Reese's Blossom-top Miniature Cups, aka the classic Reese's Peanut Butter Miniature Cups but with a colorful pink top.

Courtesy of Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy launches National Park Foundation eggs. Kinder Joy released limited-edition National Park Foundation eggs that featured 16 new toys of North American animals. The article, which landed 6,332 pageviews, showcased the partnership between the brand and the National Park Foundation.

Courtesy of Side Step Sweets

Side Step Sweets unveils Small Wins gummies. Side Step Sweets, a better-for-you brand established with help from professional basketball star Jayson Tatum, launched its first brand of plant-based, organic gummies, low-sugar Small Wins, at Natural Product Expo West 2022. In 2022, this article hit 3,738 pageviews.

Courtesy of HI-CHEW

HI-CHEW introduces Fantasy Mix. With 2,270 pageviews in 2022, HI-CHEW’s Fantasy Mix, features three nostalgic flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii, and Blue Raspberry. Rainbow Sherbet features layers of Raspberry, Lime, and Orange flavors, while Blue Hawaii contains notes of sweet citrus and hints of pineapple.