PAX has expanded its cannabis portfolio to include its first edible THC product. 

PAX’s entry into cannabis-infused gummies provides consumers with an extended set of offerings. PAX Live Rosin Gummies are vegan, gluten-free and crafted from real fruit without solvents, artificial flavors or colors.

PAX Live Rosin Gummies are made with full-spectrum live rosin rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and other whole plant compounds. Developed with a team of chefs, food scientists and culinary innovators, the hand-molded gummies were kitchen-tested in small batches to perfect flavor and texture profiles.

Leveraging natural ingredients including real fruit, PAX Live Rosin gummies are available in three flavors: Heirloom Peach, with a guava note for added complexity and balance; Wild Strawberry, with a hint of lemon for a nostalgic nod to strawberry lemonade; and Summer Mango, with notes of lime for an unexpected depth of tropical flavor.

“We’re really excited to build on the success of our award-winning PAX Live Rosin pods for Era, which has been met with an incredible consumer response, with the launch of our new line of Live Rosin Gummies,” said Brian Witlin, vice president of product development at PAX. “We’re focused on bringing products to market that directly meet the needs and evolving preferences of consumers, which in this case, means carefully selected real fruit ingredients and solventless, full-spectrum rosin that not only deliver high quality and purity, but are a truly delicious experience.”

PAX Live Rosin Gummies will launch in Massachusetts in June, with each individual serving package featuring 5 mg THC and each package containing 20 servings for a total of 100 mg THC. PAX Live Rosin Gummies will be available at a suggested retail price of $28. PAX Live Rosin Gummies will roll out to California, Colorado, and New York later this year.

To celebrate the launch, PAX partnered with Boston's women-owned Blackbird Doughnuts on custom doughnuts featuring fruit glazes to compliment PAX’s new gummy flavors. The doughnuts, which do not contain cannabis, will be available at upcoming preview events, at selected future retail activations, and were available at the Flower Expo, a business-to-business cannabis trade show that debuted at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, Massachusetts, June 14-15.

"It brings us immense joy to celebrate this launch alongside a cherished local establishment that shares our values of using high-quality, all-natural ingredients that bring delight to consumers,” Witlin said. “Blackbird is renowned for their innovative approach to creating unique and unexpected flavor combinations that pleasantly surprise the palate. We had no doubt that they would be the perfect partner not only in crafting delectable fruit-forward creations from scratch, but also in our collaborative efforts to normalize cannabis consumption by leveraging a universal love for doughnuts."

"We are so excited to be partnering with PAX, a company we proudly support," added Elena De Silva, managing director of The Gallows Group, home of Blackbird Doughnuts. "What's better than a cannabis-infused gummy followed by a Blackbird Doughnut? We think nothing."