Luker Chocolate, Colombian B4B (business-for-business) chocolate manufacturer and leader in sustainability, has announced organizational changes to better reflect the brand’s long term Triple Impact Vision and continued commitment to ethical and sustainable cocoa. After earning certification as a B Corporation (B Corp) in Q2, the company created changes within the brand’s organizational structure to reflect Luker Chocolate’s vision to better integrate sourcing practices with long-term sustainability goals and traceability. Luker’s Sustainability and Cocoa Sourcing teams will now be integrated under one area led by industry leader and VP, Julia Ocampo. 

The structural reorganization and overall enhancement of company vision are already allowing Luker to more thoroughly integrate ethical sourcing practices into the brand’s long-term sustainability plans while advancing their move toward full traceability of their cocoa. The triple impact vision focuses on three key areas to implement impactful change throughout Luker Chocolate’s entire business model: 

  • Improving well-being
  • Protecting the environment
  • Increasing the income of cocoa producers and communities

“Our team at Luker Chocolate has always had a long-term goal of bringing prosperity to the cocoa-growing regions of Colombia. These new organizational changes along with our steadfast triple impact vision will allow us to positively impacts more supplier lives on a global level. Thoughtful sourcing with our valued farmers is core to our overall business development and engagement strategy, so it is a natural fit to completely align our sustainability roadmap in a way that benefits all,” said Camilo Romero, CEO at Luker Chocolate. “As a whole, and especially as part of the B Corp movement, we are committed to measure our actions and continue improving our processes with a triple impact mindset.”

Francisco Gomez, who was until now fulfilling a double role as vice president of cocoa sourcing and CEO of Luker Agrícola (operation of Luker’s farms), will continue in the latter role, overseeing Luker’s farms. This work is essential to Luker Chocolate’s long-term business plan as well as anchors for developing The Chocolate Dream in the brand’s neighboring communities. 

Luker Chocolate works every single day to make a positive, delicious impact through consistent innovations in sourcing, strategic partnerships, and relentless research into new sustainability practices. To learn more about Luker Chocolate and its vision for the future, visit