As the holiday season approaches, Lakrids by Bülow is bringing back its popular advent calendar, capturing the essence of nostalgia and Danish holiday traditions. The calendar will retail for $60.00, and be available for purchase on September 21 via Lakrids by Bülow's website, Amazon, and Food52.

Lakrids by Bülow's Christmas Calendar blends timeless favorites and limited-edition flavors. Adding a touch of Danish charm, the calendar features iconic Danish woven hearts, Julehjerte: a cherished Christmas tradition. These hearts, inspired by the legendary Hans Christian Andersen, reflect the spirit of the season. 

Each compartment unveils treats accompanied by quotes and QR codes for an extra layer of engagement.

Lakrids by Bülow's artful fusion of gourmet licorice and chocolate create a symphony of flavors. Encased in fully recyclable packaging with modern Scandinavian aesthetics, the Advent Calendar offers a unique journey into Danish indulgence.